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What makes us different? We listen to you. We then design and create distinctive events based on your specific needs and desires. We transform environments with our mix of solutions that integrate lighting, furnishings, linens and floral design. And we work with some of the best designers, fabricators and chefs in the business to bring experiences to life. We see our partners as more than just collaborators — they’re our friends. As are you. Executing the perfect wedding day–or wedding weekend–is all in the organization, details, and logistics. An event planner worth their salt can take on the execution of any event, consult on its styling and design, and help you successfully manage your expectations and budget.

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Red Tag Events Planner thrilled you’re here in our delicious corner of the internet. Red Tag Event Planner based at Chandigarh city gather you’re on the hunt for a quality, authentic and memorable Indian catering experience for your next event here in Chandigarh. Mohali. Panchkula in North- India. Well you’ve come to the right place – because we know that a genuine Indian Passion, cooked live and served fresh in front of your guests is always a hit. Whether you are looking for food, snacks and deserts or grazing platters for your next party, our catering will have your guests raving about the generous portions, well after your event. We are so passionate and proud about my offerings, whether you’re planning a wedding, birthday, cocktail party, corporate event, You’re in good hands!

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Red Tag Events Planner are a first class catering service, with a flawless reputation, specialising in weddings and major events, We provide exquisit menu’s, mouthwatering flavours and excellent presentation! Red Tag Events Planner can be contracted as the catering services for a villa wedding, or at a private location throughout the Chandigarh and Panchkula of North-India- We also have some great event spaces available. at which to host your event, enjoy their wonderful food and hospitality! Take a look through our wedding venue solutions, it’s a marriage made in heaven! We highly recommend this professional caterer, you are going to love us, What we do!

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Red Tag Events Planner based in the beautiful city in India Chandigrh, we can provide a complete wedding dining experience, in any type of venue. Ideal solutions for your wedding menu, pre or post wedding party, or any special occasion. Choose from a range of mouth watering menus, freshly prepared for yourselves and your guests. Our highly recommended catering and food providers are fully licensed, hygiene certified and insured for your total confidence, we would not have it any other way! Meeting the strict requirements of Red Tag Caterers, all our partners provide exclusive deals for our wedding clients, in venues throughout the Region, We can cook for you in a wide range of styles and international flavors and they fully understand how to cater for special dietary requirements. Red Tag Event Planner are highly experienced and able to cater for Weddings in a wide range of venues, from the smallest to the very largest gatherings.


Your guest experience starts here. RED TAG EVENTS PLANNER are an extraordinary, full service catering and event production company focusing on you. Instead of spending our time developing pre-set menus and packages, RED TAG dedicate ourselves to spending time with clients and creating unique experiences. RED TAG commitment to quality ingredients goes uncompromised. RED TAG utilize local organic produce whenever possible and source sustainable poultry and meat from local ranches. We demand excellence in all we do. This reaches beyond the dining experience at your event. From the initial planning process and location site visits to how we train and develop each of our team members, we don’t settle for mediocrity. No matter the size of your event, an intimate dinner for two or a corporate event for thousands – we know that it will be nothing short of spectacular. We are Chandigarh based event and catering company well handle wedding events, destination weddings, corporate events, Chandigarh, the dream city of India’s first Prime Minister, Sh. Jawaharlal Nehru, was planned by the famous French architect Le Corbusier. Picturesquely located at the foothills of Shivaliks, it is known as one of the best experiments in urban planning and modern architecture in the twentieth century in India. Chandigarh derives its name from the temple of “Chandi Mandir” located in the vicinity of the site selected for the city. The deity ‘Chandi’, the goddess of power and a fort of ‘garh’ laying beyond the temple gave the city its name “Chandigarh-The City Beautiful”. The city has a pre-historic past. The gently sloping plains on which modern Chandigarh exists, was in the ancient past, a wide lake ringed by a marsh. The fossil remains found at the site indicate a large variety of aquatic and amphibian life, which was supported by that environment. About 8000 years ago the area was also known to be a home to the Harappans. Since the medieval through modern era, the area was part of the large and prosperous Punjab Province which was divided into East & West Punjab during partition of the country in 1947. The city was conceived not only to serve as the capital of East Punjab, but also to resettle thousands of refugees who had been uprooted from West Punjab.

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Wedding planning is a complex process which amounts to an average of 300 hours and involves many complexities in each step
Up to your beautiful day.
We provide exclusive, bespoke, top-tier services to create unforgettable and exquisite weddings for our clientele. In order to be devoted to each couple, Red Tag Events Planner Chandigarh based accept a limited number of weddings per season which allows us to create singular events and offer an individual approach with complete support to each client.
Time management is crucial throughout the whole wedding planning process. Specialized in destination weddings across North-India, our team of seasoned professionals guide you through it all, providing advice concerning your chosen destination & laws, rules, policies and possibilities, all of which are important factors to consider.
Once the venue is booked, we can start the most exciting part of the planning. To help you to follow each phase leading up to the much-awaited day, we provide a personalized reverse-planning schedule.

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Your wedding should be the ultimate reflection of your personality. Small and quiet or big and loud? Formal and traditional or casual and trendy? Red Tag Events Planner in Kasauli Solan Himachal Pradesh put you at the center of attention throughout the entire planning process and take the time to get to know you as an individual. What are your likes, dislikes and interests? Building a close relationship with your Red Tag Events Planner design special means you’ll be able to depend on someone who truly gets you.
Planning a wedding can be a stressful and daunting task. You’ve got so many things to think about that it’s easy to get overwhelmed. That is, unless you find the right partner, Red Tag Events Planner Kasauli Solan Himachal Pradesh takes the burden of day to day management off your shoulders and frees you to focus on the fun parts. Your time is best spent touring exclusive, selecting beautiful decor and unique rental, and enjoying privet tasting of your full wedding day menu. When it comes to logistics, we’ve got it covered. A shorter to-do list means all you need to worry about is enjoying the experience.
On the day of your wedding, your personal Event & Design Specialist, as well as an Event Captain, will be on-site to ensure everything runs smoothly and beautifully. From the mouthwatering food and personable staff to the gorgeous décor and signature cocktails, you’ll know just what to expect – impeccable service with no surprises. The rave review and smiles on guests’ faces will speak for themselves!
Your wedding will always hold a special place in your heart and in the hearts of everyone who attends. The time you spend with your family and friends – enjoying a meal together, telling stories, dancing the night away – will stay with you forever. This is why we do what we do. Everyone at Red Tag Event Planner Kasauli Solan Himachal Pradesh is genuinely passionate about bringing people together to celebrate love and the tradition of marriage. We do everything we can to make those memories special for you and your loved ones.

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Red Tag Events Planner would be honored to help create your glorious day Red Tag Events Planner in Panchkula. Ambala start with your vision, add our planning expertise, our knowledge of the latest trends in exceptional cuisine with our passion for food, style, entertainment and design. Red Tag Events Planner can also assist you with finding the perfect venue or fitting the wedding in your home.
Red Tag Events Planner extraordinary wedding services include detailed and personalized reception planning, multiple exclusive & preferred event venues to choose from, full-service catering packages, customized menus, full bar services, impeccable and personable service staff, beautiful decor, ambiance enhancements and unique rentals. Let’s celebrate together and make every moment unforgettable for you and your guests!

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Red Tag Events Planner know that each event is unique and special, and our tailored menus allow you to explore your palate. Traveling to different cities around the North-India allows us to pull innovation from many different cultures. Local produce is sourced on a daily basis from area farmers and the farmers’ markets. Red Tag Events Planner place an emphasis on bringing our clients hard-to-find specialty brands including infused olive oils, rare herbs, and international sodas and waters.

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Extraordinary quality is the essence of Red Tag Events Planner in Panchkula. Ambala. Every detail for your event, from your first inquiry to the final invoice, will be given exceptional care and attention, leaving you to simply relax and enjoy every moment. Red Tag Events Planner love our clients and take food personally. Our affable culture has allowed us to serve Panchkula. Ambala well known for taste, for more than twelve year. We are founded on offering the best quality, creative presentation, and authentic hospitality. Each event is thoughtfully curated to transcend your dreams into a memorable reality.