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Red Tag Events Planner thrilled you’re here in our delicious corner of the internet. Red Tag Event Planner based at Chandigarh city gather you’re on the hunt for a quality, authentic and memorable Indian catering experience for your next event here in Chandigarh. Mohali. Panchkula in North- India. Well you’ve come to the right place – because we know that a genuine Indian Passion, cooked live and served fresh in front of your guests is always a hit. Whether you are looking for food, snacks and deserts or grazing platters for your next party, our catering will have your guests raving about the generous portions, well after your event. We are so passionate and proud about my offerings, whether you’re planning a wedding, birthday, cocktail party, corporate event, You’re in good hands!

exquisit Catering food and service provider in Chandigarh. Mohali. Panchlula,

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Red Tag Events Planner are a first class catering service, with a flawless reputation, specialising in weddings and major events, We provide exquisit menu’s, mouthwatering flavours and excellent presentation! Red Tag Events Planner can be contracted as the catering services for a villa wedding, or at a private location throughout the Chandigarh and Panchkula of North-India- We also have some great event spaces available. at which to host your event, enjoy their wonderful food and hospitality! Take a look through our wedding venue solutions, it’s a marriage made in heaven! We highly recommend this professional caterer, you are going to love us, What we do!

Best wedding Caterer in Chandigarh,

Red Tag Events Planner based in the beautiful city in India Chandigrh, we can provide a complete wedding dining experience, in any type of venue. Ideal solutions for your wedding menu, pre or post wedding party, or any special occasion. Choose from a range of mouth watering menus, freshly prepared for yourselves and your guests. Our highly recommended catering and food providers are fully licensed, hygiene certified and insured for your total confidence, we would not have it any other way! Meeting the strict requirements of Red Tag Caterers, all our partners provide exclusive deals for our wedding clients, in venues throughout the Region, We can cook for you in a wide range of styles and international flavors and they fully understand how to cater for special dietary requirements. Red Tag Event Planner are highly experienced and able to cater for Weddings in a wide range of venues, from the smallest to the very largest gatherings.